Unshed Love.

Unshed Love

I’ve said all I had to say
Letting nothing come in my way
My words, they bared my soul
Till I was hung from a pole
Scared to speak them, even If I tried
My fear, it held me captive inside.

Scared my words may ricochet in air
Return home, on an empty prayer
Unread, unwanted, a rejected pile          
An unopened token of my love, a forced exile.

So I write these letters
From me to you
Knowing true are my fears
Never shall they fall upon your ears
They’ll remain by my side
Forever, and a day, denied.

Unread, unwanted, and incomplete
For these letters I’ll never send thee
They know my secrets
They know my fears
They know my love for you
Is stronger than it appears.

All I ever wanted to do
Reveal each word to you
Held back by the fears inside
Societal norms, why do they decide?

My letters, I’ll take you with, me to my funeral pyre
Where, with me, you will be set on fire
We will remain united for eons to come

Our ashes, interspersed, so difficult to discern
Which particles were the remnants of my words
And, which particle had my blood

But what tied us together, so tight
Was our struggles, of never getting it right
The struggle to be heard
To have our words spoken out loud
Living in the shadow of denial
Dying by the fire, yet, forever futile.