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Interviews / Book Launch

Mingling with other authors is the most social part of the lonely writer’s life. To bounce off ideas off each other, to talk shop, and generally chat is the best part of these author sessions and book launches.

With Subhuti

With Subhuti Anand Waight at the book launch of his book, The Last White Man in India, at Marshal Book Cafe, Aundh, Pune.

An interactive session with the author, Dr. Prateep Roy, and his wondrous book, book, Curse of the Kukkutarma, at the author group, BookItUp!

A session with Dr. Ranjani Rao with her book, Rewriting My Happily Ever After, at the author group, BookItUp!

At the launch of La Javvaab Pizza, a unique book based on the ingredients of a pizza.

An interesting evening spent gabbing with Subhuti Anand, the writer of ‘The Last White Man in India’, where we discussed his future plans and literary journey on the BookItUp author page. Watch us here.

In March, I had an informal chat with author Dr. Shalini Mullick about her book, Stars From the Borderless Sea at the BookItUp author page. Catch the video here.

Getting jiggy with Dwayne Pimenta, author of Operation Pakistan: Terror Strike on the BookItUp author interaction page. One can catch the video here.

Hashing it out with Bhaswar Mukherjee on his non-fiction, The Counterfeiter, based on the Stamp Scam. The session was held on the BookItUp author page and one can view it here.

Unravelling the world of literary agents with Lalitha Ravindran, founder of The First Forays Agency, at the BookItUp page! Catch it here.

Learning from the erudite and wise, Dr. Razi Azmi about this memoir, A Life Unveiled, on the BookItUp author page. You can catch me talking to Dr. Azmi here.

Getting adventurous with Aashisha Chakraborty on life, loos, sales, and women who break/crack the glass ceiling, AND her book, Mis(s) Adventures Of A Sales Girl, on the BookItUp page! Catch it here.