Operation Pakistan: Terror Strike

Terror Strike

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Disclosure: I am a military brat, so I am always predisposed toward books that are based on defence personnel or related to them or events associated with them.

‘Operation Pakistan Terror Strike’, first-time author, Dwayne Pimenta’s book, based on India’s strategic and intricately planned response to the various and devastating terrorist attacks on her soil, is a fast-paced, well-researched, and well-written novel.Israel, India’s ally, has proven to the world that size is inconsequential–it is the attitude that matters and how.

From seeking revenge for the Munich massacre in 1972 and other instances, Israel has quietly proved that revenge, definitely, is a dish served cold. When the Jewish leader offers a suggestion (and help) to his Indian counterpart that sometimes offering the other cheek may sound perfect on paper, but terrorism to be weeded, needs a more eye-for-an-eye approach, it surprises the generally placid Indian politician.

Frustrated with the continued attacks on Indian soil, on civilian as well as defence lands, the PM decides the time is ripe to give the marauders a taste of their own medicine. The novel’s uber-sophisticated drones and special units remind us of the super-hit movie Uri, but that is where the similarities end. Of course, since the book is based on a military attack, similarities do exist, but this is where the story parts ways with Uri.

From double agents, to espionage, to betrayals, to traitors, everything can be found in the pages of this book. Complex, detailed-planned events, plans going awry, escape in a chopper with guns blaring, and even a hint of a romance are part of this page-turner. The author, Dwayne, has meticulously researched the topics before writing as his hard work shines through. The kind of equipment, strategies, etc. sounds genuine, at least to my ears.

The book is written well, and the pace doesn’t lag at all, keeping in mind, that it is a thriller, it definitely does justice to its genre. The characters bring the taut narrative to life and one can almost imagine the action happening live. The writing is effective and simple, as a thriller should be with no unnecessary descriptions or frills.

People who enjoy politically-based, action-driven thrillers will definitely enjoy Dwayne’s book. It leaves one with a sense of pride in the defenders of our nations, the feeling of good ole one-upmanship, and an overall sensation of all things that end well. A sense of patriotism.

Dwayne, I hope your book gets picked up by OTT or even Bollywood. It’s got a fabulous plot, tailor-made for theatrical viewing.

My verdict: *PICK* it up.