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  • Recurring Repentance.

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  • A Wash of Emotions.

    Hunger and Anger are at it again. The same old argument; flogging the same dead horse. “I don’t think Anger can cause humans to die. Whereas, if they experience me, I’m sure to kill. Q.E.D.,” rumbles Hunger, tipping his pointed nose at Anger.  Anger’s bulbous nose reddened as his veins popped. “Hogwash. I can cause […]

  • Illuminate Within.

    ChandriyaVana, 05.45 AM. The aroma of the besan laddoos infiltrates his nostrils, pushing him to the land of the living. He jerks his hands. Nope. I’m still tied to the flagpole. I can’t believe I dozed off. The chains jangle as he shifts position and the teasing colours of dawn appeared over the horizon. The fire, burning all night, […]

  • If you stumble, make it a part of your dance.

    A week before Diwali. Shachi. “The hot oil welcomes the uncooked chakli in its unctuous folds. It is satisfying when the chakli goes belly-up. The skimmer spoon swoops in to rescue the chakli, not bothering about its own safety. The mission is successful. The boiling oil hisses, desolate as the chakli departs, further and further away from […]

  • Much Ado Over a Var.

    Naradmuni. I couldn’t check my WhatsApp messages. The networks were down, and the towers, destroyed. Everyone around me examined their devices in vain. The data services were cut.  The reverberations of his stomping foot could be felt everywhere but to him. His pain was unbearable, cutting deep. Locks of his matted hair spread on the horizon. […]

  • Embers From The Same Fire.

    Samsara. Camels. Ships of the deserts. Objects of my unwavering affection. They, strangely, do not top most people’s list of favourite animals, but then I’m not most people. Given half a chance (a rare occurrence!), I can wax eloquent about the grace and agility of the humped creatures. Poor Cheetal, my prized stuffed toy, endures […]