Cobwebs in the light.


Who are you
Who resides in the cobwebs of my dreams?
To surface when the eyelids meet,
Who weaves the lore in my mind,
Flawless and resplendent ones,
How is that every story you weave
Has a happy end, a positive feel?

When I try to recreate them in my mind,
The eyes, open as they are,
Strive to touch upon the same delight,
I think of you and imagine our life,
But each time I began to flutter,

I come crashing down,
To kiss the earth, mired in its dust.

Maybe, all I need is to close my eyes,
I begin again, feeling, remembering the happy phase,
This time I hover in the sky, flapping my wings,
A few feet below the calling sky,
Your breath is the wind in my wings, my staying force,
But the lure of the beckoning earth,
Is just too much for my tired feathers to bear.

As I came crashing down,
My thoughts hone into you,
How effortless you make the flying look
Why can’t I replicate it?

Why is it that I always fail?

Jealousy of your prowess strikes me as I collapse.

The heart, in pain, is wise and I turn to it for advice,
It knows the truth and yet seeks to hide,
In rare moments of clarity, it guides,
You can never match the free flight of the man in your dreams
For he lives in your mind, a figment of your imagination,

He knows no shackles,

Yet is bound to the wind.

Gliding and loving you is his purpose,
But survival is possible behind your closed eyes,
Reality is his Kryptonite,
Your mind is his castle where he is the king,
But let him out, he is just a tendril, adrift,
A piece of gossamer, subservient to the wind.

You let him in your mind, you let him rule,

You can’t recreate the joy, it exists only in you,
Castles in the air but have just one destiny,
They merge in the dirt when they fall,

Spreading their shards everywhere.

It is your karma to meet him in your dreams,
To frolic under the sun, lost in sleep,
It is where you are free,
Not constrained by the chains of reality,
It is where you will meet him and flourish,
The earth is not for you or your flimsy dreams.

Reprimanded, I whisper to myself, Who are you
Who resides in the wisps of my dreams?